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By Kajuker
#111296 Background Colour? (List off a few colours)
Red and Light brown pref.
One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please] A kangaroo preferably like this (link was to long)
Display Name Preferred: Kajuka

Anything Else?: If possible a paint splatter effect and ty Burgy. :D. Just copied and pasted from the last batch I missed.
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By Tom_X
#111374 Background Colour? (List off a few colours)
Dark violet n' black, mixed if possible
One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please]
A badass Hunter I guess, make it look scary to show the dark and evil person that I truly am :D
Display Name Preferred: Tom_X

Anything Else? Uh, I don't think so, I just got bored of my sig and decided to give this a shot. Spookines should be key muahaha
Thanks Burgy!
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By Tom_X
#111591 Nice thing there Burgy, I'd donate or pay for some bundle if I were legally allowed to have a credit card or money of my own
For the sig, I don't really want to add anything to it, but I might ask you to add an item to the Haunter itself (ergo hand-held item or whatever you want), but I won't specify which, because I like the artist to have decisions on what he or she wants to draw, apart from my specifications. So, idk, nothing or whatever you want, it's up to you, I don't really care, as long as it remains spooky...