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By Burgy
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All requests are now finished. We are now in the waiting stage where I get a break of this and I'm thinking of starting next Saturday instead of Friday because it's Valentines Day and I won't be around to take requests.
By Copy Cat Master
Burgy wrote:Yeah. I can make a $1.00 tier if that helps, the tier would to be to buy q second signature but still only have the same attributes as the free ones

I do not have money. :c
By Waterboyr
Burgy wrote:Yeah, I don't know about the eyes on your Torkoal though. I can change them if you like.

The eyes are too big and distracting like a venonats. Torkoals have more wise and tired eyes. Anyways keep up the great work Burgy I still can't draw like you! ...
I suck. :D