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By Dodekadon
#108476 Background Colour? space/Dimesion theme. Idek

Items (Only one or two things please);

One character, Pokemon or item: ELLIE GOULDING. This one pls

Display Name Preferred: CQB

Anything Else?: Make it look super Sexy Burgy <3

LOVE - CQBxFishNinja

By TerryLeeTacey
#108477 Background Colour? (List off a few colours)

Items (Only one or two things please);
Sunkist Soda Can

One character, Pokemon or item [Specify Please]

Display Name Preferred: TerryLeeTacey

Anything Else?: Make it have swag
By Copy Cat Master
#108502 Dang it, I missed it. Oh well, tomorrow is friday so I can make a request tomorrow. xD
By Copy Cat Master
#108646 I mean the next next day. I am really bad with time and number. D: