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By Waterboyr
#33626 Omg that looks so awesome, just one thing... Ever see movies where a golden light is falling on something... thats what I mean... Also Sqyurtles sqord could it be a sword not katana... And celebi... Iys behind squirtle and is bloody, Ijust want it to look hurt not murderedd.... But it looks amazing right now! That's all I see and then you'll be good to gobut it's already AMAZING! If you think somethings too much just tell me because I'll totally take this too! :D :lol: :D Just for some background info squirtle is hero, raquaza villian hurting all pokemon and evil, and celebi was hurt by raquaza!
By Waterboyr
#33650 Image
How about that with a blue handle and normal grip, but not that weird plus sign thing... that part is just plain weird... So yeah that kind of sword but just something like that.
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By Kyiv
#33698 Hey BURGY!

Can You Make me a better Relicanth Signature? Mine is kinda crappy.... lawl..
Just add My Username on there with a matching background too :) THX a Bunch!
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By Burgy
#33750 Ok, i thought Squirtle was the bad guy xD
But i get it now. I couldn't find all the blood. I have over 40 layers for this picture xD
And i couldnt get the lighting because im still a n00b at Photoshop
Just "got" it a bit after i posted this thread.
So i just changed the sword, and fixed the dark mask around his face

But i'll give it a go Kyiv
I have a few others to do first