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By Burgy
AquaEmolga wrote:Background Colour?: Lime green

Items: A poketch
One Pokemon [Emogla]

Display Name Preferred: Aquaemolga
Oval Background Colour: Dark turquoise
Oval Colour: lighter turquoise

Anything Else? If it is possible, could the emolga be aqua?

Didn't see this sorry. And I also didn't read that you wanted it Aqua coloured.
This was more or less rushed, but here you go;
By pelagius_septim
#96900 Burrrgy can you make meee a signature?

I want it of a blonde man in a blue coat wearing black pants sitting in a field with a shaymin near him.
The backround needs to be the sky
And the name has to be: pelagius_septim.
You can add a subtitle thing if you want, Thanks so much. Also if you dont want to do it you dont have to.
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By ZGameing
#96957 Background Color:Black with star like things resembling a clear night sky


One character, Pokemon or Item:Yveltal soring in the night sky

Display Name Preferred:ZGameing(yes I know its supposed to be ZGaming but my mc premium account was a gift from my dad who is not great in English and I like it the way it is)

Anything Else:I would love if u can give Yveltal a glowing effect coming out of its body so it looks even cooler
By pelagius_septim
#97064 Background Colour?:
Left: A slightly darker blue then the blue below Blue
Right: Blue

Items (Only 2 of the 3);
One character or item: A blond man in a blue coat.
One character or item: Shaymin

Display Name Preferred: Pelagius_septim

Other Info: I want it to be of the man sitting in a field with shaymin. :)

(Is that the proper template? :3