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By Burgy
#94385 Mirai Kuriyama & Akhitio Kanbara from Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary)

Touched it up

Made this yesterday too
This is Akhitio ^
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By AnDwHaT5
#94683 Background Colour?: Some melting of green to white. Light green please

Items (Only one or two things please);naaaaa no item
One Pokemon [Insert Pokemon Name] Zoroark
One character or item [Specify Please]N

Display Name Preferred:AnDwHaT5
Oval Background Colour:Lets not do a oval background
Oval Colour:n/a

Anything Else?
Under my name i would like Junior Admin and for the name and rank to be gold please.
By AquaEmolga
#95067 Background Colour?: Lime green

Items: A poketch
One Pokemon [Emogla]

Display Name Preferred: Aquaemolga
Oval Background Colour: Dark turquoise
Oval Colour: lighter turquoise

Anything Else? If it is possible, could the emolga be aqua?