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By Waterboyr
#90046 Burgy lets try this one more time now. And seriously btw I insulted your squirtle after you made the sucky one and you said insulted a squirtle of yours before and that's why you made a sucky one. Pfffftt and we know I'm a better artist (nose grows longer).

Background Colour?: Brown.

Items (Only 2 of the 3);
Minecraft character: Waterboyr
One Pokémon: Squirtle with a grey or brown newsie hat. (No glasses)
One character or item [Specify Please] Barqs rootbeer

Display Name Preferred: Waterboyr
Oval Background Colour: electric blue like that blinding light blue.
Oval Colour: Light green or purple or both.

Anything Else?: Your probably going to make mine sucky on purpose so thanks Burgy! =D

By RighteousGamer
#90110 Background Colour?: Red

Items (Only 2 of the 3);
Minecraft character: RighteousGamer
One Pokemon: Rayquaza
One character or item: Masterball

Display Name Preferred: RighteousGamer
Oval Background Colour: Light Green
Oval Colour: Black

Anything Else?: Pokeballs as the clouds :) and TY
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By Noooooooooooooah
#91224 Background Colour?: Red

Items (Only 2 of the 3);
Minecraft character: Noooooooooooooah
One Pokemon: Zorua
One character or item: Dark Stone

Display Name Preferred: Noah-The-Pokemon
Oval Background Colour: Dark Purple
Oval Colour: Blue (as close to Shiny Zorua's as possible)

Anything Else?: Please add the phrase "The Human Pokemon"
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By Datmusic
#91482 If its alright mind messaging me a signature that has my username on a picture with a spinda. If not its fine :)! Thanks.
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By Stin
#92110 Background Colour?: Yellow

One Pokemon: Zekrom
One character or item:] Wes(Main character from Pokemon coliseum)

Display Name Preferred: Stin
Oval Background Colour: Red
Oval Colour: Blue

Anything Else? Quote: If it's not broken then don't fix it, Unless you can make it better!