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By Dracoman355
Burgy wrote:I currently have a GFX project in class at school. So I'm postponing all of these till I get that done, sorry!

No problem, and good luck!
By S_Kunai
#78941 Well, if you've got time Burgy. I recently got a new skin that I am going to stick with for a while. If you've got no other people requesting things I would appreciate what I've already got just with my new skin. Thanks!
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By Nanoninja99
#82390 Burgy, can you make my Profile picture a Half Shiny/Half Regular Jolteon And the background has thing thunder in the background
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By Burgy
#82394 Oh shit I forgot to to do your signature fix up. Erm, I lost the blender file and the PSD file.... So I can't really just plop your new skin in, uhhh. I'll see what I can do with a lot of people.
And sure Nanoninja
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By Rzxa
#82407 Burgy can you make me a new Sig
Title name would be Pokeween
I would like to see chandelure and honedge
Be as creative as you like with this sig