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By S_Kunai
#66729 Sky Colour; Dark, grey, and hazy
Background: Volcano
Clouds: Smoke clouds

Drawing or 3D scene: Same style that was used for Vespirs and MrSpartan
Pose/Scene: My skin tossing a pokeball like Gary
Quotes: None
Username or none: S_Kunai
(Optional)Image Size (Max Height for banners is 150px and Avatars need to be square):
Anything else? Add a Torkoal into it if possible. And thank you!
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By Animalol
#66959 Sky Colour; Galaxy, so I guess black. O.o
Horizon: Galaxy.
Background: Stars, milkyway, whatever. It's a Galaxy. xD
Clouds: No. :P

Drawing or 3D scene: Dedenne, Pangoro, Xerneas, and Skiddo found randomly about in the Galaxy, all different sizes.
Pose/Scene Above description.
Username or none: Animalol
(Optional)Image Size (Max Height for banners is 150px and Avatars need to be square): Let's do 150px.
Anything else? I don't care, just make it look amazing. ;)
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By MasterZigZag
#67407 Sky Colour;What eeveer looks good
Horizon:what eeveer looks good
Background:whateeveer looks good (eeveer=ever with eevee added)


Drawing or 3D scene:Drawing
Pose/Scene:Shiny Eevee, It's ways of evo, stones, rocks, friendship? I am a newb at art, so I just want a vamped up version of my current banner.
Quotes:'What is your destiny?'
Username or none:MasterZigZag
(Optional)Image Size (Max Height for banners is 150px and Avatars need to be square):
Anything else?if possible, add eevee's evos shiny too.
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By Burgy
#70233 Completely new concept for you guys. Instead of me working my balls of for something that may or may not be worth my time ;p
I will be doing minimalistic signature, from now. A namely example is my current signature.

If you still want a signature with the current change, follow the new template;

Now making minimalistic signatures. Follow the template below, to get your new signature!

Code: Select allBackground Colour?:

Items [b][i][u][size=150](Only 2 of the 3);[/size][/u][/i][/b]
Minecraft character [Insert Username]
One Pokemon [Insert Pokemon Name]
One character or item [Specify Please]

Display Name Preferred:
Oval Background Colour:
Oval Colour:

Anything Else?

Avatar Shop User wrote:Background Colour?: Dark Blue

Items (Only 2 of the 3);
Minecraft character [password10]
One character or item [Samus Aran from the Metroid Series]

Display Name Preferred: Password
Oval Background Colour: Dark Green
Oval Colour: Light Grey

Anything Else?: Nothing.
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By Kyiv
#70243 Background Colour?: Anything that matches Skarmory

Items: ????
Minecraft character: Kyiv_
One Pokemon: Skarmory
One character or item: Idk Masterball...

Display Name Preferred: Kyiv
Oval Background Colour: Anything you like that matches skarmory
Oval Colour: Anything that matches Skarmory

Anything Else: Thx for trying!