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By Noooooooooooooah
#30669 So, I am bored staying up all night, and I came up with this.

Anyone have some great Pokemon Game victories they wanna share? I'm curious... but i'll share one first :D

This was on my SoulSilver: My party was full of eggs, and a lev. 80 Feraligatr @ the beginning of the Elite Four(At hardest strength), with no healing allowed to myself.
Will: He was a BORING battle, because of Crunch.
Koga: He was a little tough because of Toxicroak, but overall only got a few minor hits.
Bruno: Hydro Pumped through everyone, except Hitmonchan. Because of that, trouble began. Thunder Punch was the start of it, because Feraligatr got paralyzed.
Karen: Ice Fang, and Hydro Pump got me through it quickly. Sadly, i has already lost 1/4 of Feraligatr's health, and he was paralyzed!
Champion Lance: He was the only trouble, yet BIG excitement for me. I became saddened, though, when an Egg hatched. I let that Togetic go, after. Not sure why.. Salamence, Ice Fang. Garchomp, Ice Fang.. Gyarados, Ice Fang. Now i'm out of them. Altaria, comes up and Dragon Pulses before i feint it with A Hydro Cannon. Big mistake though! Charizard comes out and Dragon Claws Feraligatr, knocking it down to about 40 HP. I use my last Hydro Pump to get rid of it. Dragonite comes on out, I use my best hope & Hydro Cannon. Probably 10 HP left, and it uses Draco Meteor! Togepi comes out. I decide to use Metronome, while Lance Full Restores. VERYluckily, Togepi used Sheer Cold! I beleive my game is glitched though, because Dragonite was ALOT stronger, yet it hit and feinted Dragonite!

I know I made it more intense than any of the rest of it at the end...(Not by much)... but that's just how I decided to do it! Hope to read your stories! :D

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By Noooooooooooooah
The_Nanobots wrote:
nuff said

PIMPKARP! USE BOUNCE! *Piiiimppp.....KARPPPPP!!!* [Shaymin is unable to battle! Pimpkarp wins!]'

That IS a nuff said XD
By Lettucecow
#46646 I was playing random battle on showdown, the guy got 4 legendarys [groudon, palkia, and zekrom] I ended up with one pokemon left, gligar. I somehow set up 2 sword dances and swept with flying gem acrobatic and eathquake.
Best thing ever :lol: !
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By Noooooooooooooah
#46833 SPG, I have won this ONCE, but I did it with one life left! GOOD JOB! :D