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By Tom_X
#74057 Huh, seems I can't bump a topic unless I was the last person to post on it.... so bump, bumpity bump

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By Hypnose
#108069 [Announcement!]
Guess who's back?~
So long story short I'm back and I need those of you who are on the "Pending Requests" list to notify me by Friday night regarding your Banner. If you do not do this, you will be removed from the list to make room for others that would like banners. For those of you on the list who do reply, I need you to submit a new app for your request. It can either be the same as before or a new request. I don't mind either way. Thank you all and I can't wait to start back up on some banners.
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By Burgy
#108135 Just want to note. I find your little watermark hilarious :p

Took me a bit to find it, but it was worth it xD
The little hipno face xD