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By LaDestitute
#42641 I pretty much stayed up all night from last night until 2 PM to catch up on some work with the rom hack as I should have been done with this by now, but couldn't due to how busy I was lately. Then I...took a nap.

Feshea Desert (placeholder name, I can't remember the name I wanted instead to use) is an area east of Amythist Town. It always has a sandstorm raging through it and you'll will need the Go-Goggles to traverse through the desert. There is an oasis, and a sunken ruins similar to the Ruins of Alph, but that's not immediately accessible. Aside from Trapinch, the Pokemon available in the desert are Tuttby (Psychic type, a sphinx kitty Pokemon) and Coyoco (Fire type, a feisty coyote Pokemon).


By LaDestitute
#43469 I've finished the mapping for the inside of Everquart Mountain (Mt. Everquart in-game). Interesting trivia: I used a random d20 dungeon generator to make the layout for both of the floors.

By LaDestitute
#47349 It's alive!

So sorry for the lack of updates. I've been lately battling with sleeping problems/health problems, aside from a two week long bout of depression (maybe three week long, I think). I'm feeling a lot better now, and I've gotten back into the swing of things.

Onto the actual subject, here is the second gym city, Everquart Peak City (it has to be shortened to Everquart City due to in-game location name character limits). The second badge is the Peak Badge, a Flying type gym. On another note, a two gym demo may not be out for a long while, merely because I really want to polish the demo for best quality possible.

By Waterboyr
#48848 1. Gen 4 or 1 don't care which

2. How about all fossils, geodude and ev and zubat and ev, and then golden and ev. You seem to have put lots of gen 3 in

3. Red (Boy) from manga, and Green (Girl) from manga

4. Young Proffessor Oak
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By Dark Prinplup
#50043 If you don't mind me saying, gresat job! but the start town looks like pallet in the picture.
By LaDestitute
#72057 No, I'm not dead or anything! I'm incredibly sorry for the horrendous three month delay between updates. The actual reason was that I got lazy and didn't really do any romhacking work, but I wasn't in the mood either. Since Pokemon X & Y is just a month and a half away or so, I got back into the mood!

Better late than never, right?


I also needed to focus more on my life and school, I have to admit. Seriously.

I know it ain't much, almost all of the tiles are default, and it looks a little hacked together like some poorly done DIY project, but here is Everquart City Gym! The gym leader's name is Cliff, and he specializes in Flying types! It's kind of ice themed, because the city is at the summit of a mountain, and it tends to snow a lot. The player will be pushed into a cavern basement from the icy tiles on 1F, and they'll have to press switches on 2F to create tiles on the ice that will keep them on the right track towards Cliff. It's recently been on my mind but I should probably make it a full ice floor, eh?