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By PoliticsRbad
#34970 Lobster for the win!
|\___------------/ ---|

Failure at trying to make a lobster, but only tried only for like 2 mins.
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By KuryoZT
#34975 I never seen this topic, *drool*
Mines are: escargot (snail) Crab oyster and as dessert I love crepe with a tonload of nutella.
Anyway what is french toast, seems delicious. And isn't lobster some crazy costy food?
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By Rzxa
#35003 Potato!
By Sonofleo
#35124 I like Doughnuts :3
By Rudy156
By Rudy156
#35693 BROOOWNIIIESSS :3 sorry for caps
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By Aphmau
#36487 Not sure if anyone has ever heard of this, but there is something called a "Cinnipie" from Papa John's that is just amazing. It was one of those foods that I thought looked utterly disgusting, but ended up getting it anyway because that's pretty much the only dessert they had there; anyway, I had it and have been hooked ever since. I also like Rosmary Mashed Potatoes or anything with potatoes involved.