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By Skibb
SPG wrote:
Skibb wrote:Köttbular, some swedish food that tastes like heaven.

Also I really like The long-chicken from burgerking :P

this stuff?

Aww yea, that's exactly it.

By LaDestitute
#28249 Pizza would be my favorite food, but I also like mac n cheese quite a bit. Especially gooey, thick homemade mac.
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By Tom_X
#28954 Empanadas, the most delicious food in my country. And McDonald's, that's also good
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By LilacLily
#28958 Pepperoni Pizza, Lobster, French Toast... too many!
By Jumpyporcupine
MGMP wrote:Sushi

The only place you can buy that here is at a bait shop.
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By Noooooooooooooah
#30668 CRAB IS AMAZING! It's mah fav. :3

Least Fav: Kielbasi, also known as a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG strand of disgusting meat DX
By Vikerus
#30670 French Toast. Real Maple syrup. Butter.