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By Roxxai
#58870 My first EVER Shiny Pokemon was in Emerald it was a Shiny Rayquaza i walking in to the cave and then gone into battle him with 1 master and that was it Lol

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By Rzxa
#58874 You guys are so freaking Lucky I never had a shiny for LIFE
*tears of sadness*
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By dasyn31
#59033 My first shiny was in gold, don't remember the route, caught a shiny nidoran male. I thought it looked awesome, but when i evolved it into Nidoking I was really excited. That's actually the reason why blue is my favorite color now =)
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By Moltres11
#60723 My First shiny was actually a Arceus. I got it in soulsilver. I hacked a Arzure flout and got a level 1 Dialga with the Event. :P Shiny luck
By masterml22
#60788 My first was a Flygon which my friend found but I told him that it was a different gender so then I captured it and was so happy :D. He was not when I had to tell him that it was a shiny
By Blaze150
#62281 There have been so many spammers/sales people lately
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By GameFreakFG2O
#63281 My first Shiny was...... A Zizagoon i think I battled the pokemon that was fighting Prof.Birch and i found A STUPID shiny i hade no pokeballs So i cried.... for 1 hour..
By Ejm01_
#64066 After years of playing and walking through grass patches i had found my shiny grimer in pokemon leafgreen and i didnt even injure it i just kept throwing ultra balls until I had caught it...