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By Overreactedosbol
#54593 Shiny Gastly in Pokemon Tower - FR/LG, was so excited, pressed "A" too fast and killed it ;(


By darkblade127218
#55667 seaking, did not catch, hate safri zone! first caught one was a carnava in sapphire. i was looking for feebas, lost the bet that i will find feebas before shiny :(
#55723 First Shiny?
Whismur in Sapphire in a Cave (I don't know the English name :P).
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By Kyiv
#55929 I think Mine was a Lotad in Pokemon Platinum? Something like that lol...
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By Reye_Ahn & zorua911
#56322 My first shiny was in Pokemon Platinum when i saw a different colored Shellos and there was stars around it when I saw it. I asked Kyiv (AKA My bro) what it is. He said it was a shiny I was like.. really? Well after that I caught it.
By Blaze150
#56720 so my first and only shiny was a gold graveler in diamond I was walking through victory road for what reason idk but about 20 steps in and bam gold graveler but then I went to fight my rival and my game froze, I lost it and after 998 hours of playing that game I either lost diamond or it was stolen but whatever.
I cant believe I lost my first and only shiny (gimme a sec while I go and punch a brick wall).
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By WobMinerJames
#58189 Shiny bellsprout on pokemon gold.
It was purple and I had no idea what shiny was ~ I think I managed to get it to evolve but sadly I can't remember how I lost the save file of that as it was so long ago :L Bellsprout is a beast :P
By kungfumidget
#58637 I was breeding for a shiny eevee and it took about 3 days going up and down on black 2 which took forever and then I was sitting on the bus and I was next too my friend and he was like holy balls and I was like OMG haha