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By KuryoZT
littlebigman123 wrote:Aside from the gyrados and action replays, I've never found a legit shiny in my 4 years of playing pokemon. i just have that type of luck, in my one year campaign of minecraft, ive legit found 20 diamonds..... but piece of advice, anyone will do anything for a shiny dragonite

Just so you know, 4 years is litteraly nothing, at least compared to some, like myself, having spent around 13 years before finding a "pure legit" shiny, story is develloped in an older post, if anybody is interested, it's not fun though. So yeah, relativity rules
By SubGenesis
#30331 Found a shiny weedle in contest park on ye old gba and my power was red and fading and I only had a couple of poke balls brought it down to low health as quick as I could. Caught it and saved the game 3 seconds later after saving the game it ran out of power :o
Close shave or what?
By Shadow_Wolf_28
#30971 Ive only ever found two. My first was a shiny Rayquaza :D I saved before I battled it cause I only had a few pokeballs and a master ball. The third time I battled him he was Black :D

And only a few days after that I ran into a gold Mightyena. They the only two I've ever found and I've played since first gen. I did breed a shiny Eevee though, took forever to hatch one :/
By Firespar
#31869 Figured I'd spit out that I just RNG'd a Shiny Timid Heatran with 31/30/30/31/31/31. Flame Charge sweeper time.

Also, only took me one try to hit the right seed this time.
By TammyDanny
#31874 My first "legit" shiny was in Diamond. My main goal after beating the champion was to get a shiny Medicham with the new Poke-Radar. I've tried for weeks to get a chain of 40, but I failed so many times, & I rage quited a lot, but I kept going. When I finally got that chain, I was excited. And I was carefully walking around and reusing my Poke-Radar until...finally...that 4-stared sparkle appeared. I went in, and caught myself a shiny Meditite, and I caught another one of the opposite gender later on. I was so happy, & when I finally evolved it to a Medicham, my life in the game was
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By Zariu
#31898 shiny Makuhita near Dewford... kinda lame first shiny in my opinion... but considering that besides ones in pixelmon I have never seen another legit, non-scripted shiny.... it was alright. Have had much better luck on Pixelmon lol... shiny Sandshrew and Tentacool so far
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By Shadowfox9356493
#31928 My very first shiny? It was a weedle just outside of the town after 'newroot town' in pokemon silver i didn't know it was shiny though but i thought it was cool, what i really hate about restarting the game was that i went to a pokemon center after traveling back to 'newroot town' after defeating the elite 4 with ease and the nurse said my pokemon (I don't remember which one but i think it was my quilava) had a rare disease called 'pokerus' :O it the time i didn't know how good it was to get.. WHY?! WHY DID I DELETE THE GAME?!?! I had 2 shinies (weedle and a pidgey which i evolved into pidgeotto) AND pokerus :'(