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By TheSoulSaver
#27800 My very first was a whismer, I was on the bus going home from school. I was just passing through a cave without any intentions and all of a sudden it appeared with stars shooting out of it. I was like wha? But I only had lvl 45 pokemon and it was like lvl 8 or so. I was able to get it down to 2 HP or so, I checked my bag for pokeballs. I had about 6 great balls and I finally captured it on the last one with girl screams and practically breaking my DS trying to hold down buttons (when I was younger, supposedly you could have a better success rate holding down A and B.) So I thought it might apply with X and Z, or was it Y? Anyway I had a lot of odd looks the entire month.... It was worth it. About 2 years later after discovering I still had it, I decided to lent it to a friend because he was new to pokemon at the time and he restarted my game.. -_-'
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By charmander
#27925 I believe my first shiny was an articuno. I remember back in the days playing LG. I was keep on restarting the game because I couldn't catch it and ran out of balls. And when I battled it, it was a shiny. But idk if I caught it or not and I restarted the game a long time ago.
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By ilovepokemon
#28367 my first shiny was a ghastly at the VERY top of lavender town's tower and a poliwag much later while fishing in pokemon Fire Red but i resarted my game because i was bored, man i should have transferred them to my platinum an then my black but oh well, i never saw any shinies in the main pokemon games ever since
my brother found a regice in emerald and a bibarel in his pearl i think, but i cant tell which one was first
By Sonofleo
#28574 To be true... I never had a shiny in my whole pokemon Gaming life. :(
By Parkt0401
#28852 My first shiny was carmander in fire red when I started the game I selected a starter (At the time I had no idea what a shiny was) so I didn't really notice it was shiny till it evolved into carizard and I noticed it was not the same color as the one in the start screen so I looked it up and turns out it was shiny :D
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By Tom_X
#28938 Spawned shinies don't count!
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By LilacLily
#28955 Oops, misread first post. Mah bad. meant to put that in the other one.
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By Sundial_MC
#29554 Ha, my first ever shiny was a legendary :P

It was in Pokemon Emerald, where I just had calmed down Kyogre and Groudon from destroying the world. My pokemon were still around level 50 ~ 60s. After Rayquaza flew away I went back to the Sky Pillar, only to find ugly cracked holes and stuff. I had experience with those cracked holes from the Mirage Tower with the Claw/Root fossil, so I easily got through. I had no idea that there was Rayquaza in it, and I did not check if I had enough balls. I saved, and encountered Rayquaza to a battle.... then... WHOAH HOLY MAGIKARPS, THIS BLACK AND YELLOW RAYQUAZA OMG ITS A SHINYYY AHHH

Then I proceeded to get it down to the lowest HP possible. By that time I had only my HM slave alive, which was my Grovyle I never bothered to level up. In my bag I had like, 40 Poke balls and 40 Great balls, no ultra balls or whatsoever. I think I had to quit/reload for about half a week constantly throwing great balls and no success, until one day I just was spamming the A button and not paying attention. After a while I suddenly was out of battle. I was frightened I might have killed Rayquaza, and proceeded to my PC, then I found the Shiny Rayquaza, caught in a Poke Ball with the nickname AAAAAAA...