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By Hypnose
#27424 Alright so I was looking through Breloom's "First pixelmon shiny?" thread and thought, why not make a place for everyone to talk about the first shiny they ever encountered/caught in the actual Pokemon games. Here, I'll start.(I really hope this hasn't been posted before.. If so pleasee let me know or have it locked. Thank you.~)

My first shiny Pokemon was very memorable. I was looking around in the tall grass on Rout 34 just south of Goldenrod City(Pokemon Gold Version). I was desperately trying to find a Ditto and was having a hell of a time doing so. Eventually I got bored and started spacing out. Next thing I know I fade back in and I was in a battle with an almost dead "Purple" Drowzee. Not even paying attention to what Pokemon I was using in battle, I automatically assumed it was a Ditto that transformed into my Drowzee(Note: I can't believe how stupid I was, I wasn't using a Drowzee. I hadn't even caught a Drowzee before >.<). So I threw a Pokeball and caught it. Next I ran into the Daycare center and went into the PC to get my new "Ditto", only to find a Purple Drowzee with a star by its image. I was sooo confused, so I ran up to my older cousin to ask what was going on. He just laughed and congratulated me on my first shiny, a Shiny Drowzee! Not too long later I evolved him and that's how Hypno became my second favorite Pokemon.

Sorry.. that was a rather long story. Anyhow, feel free to post your first shiny Pokemon experience here. Or even just simply post something like "Mine was a zubat." Have fun. :)

By Skibb
#27428 On the first route in leafgreen. Walked through the grass. Had no pokeballs with me because I didn't even visit a pokemart yet. Shiny pidgey. Rage.
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By Jack_Attack12
#27465 The first ever shiny i found was a buizel! I was surfing to go to the next area and BAM! A gold buizel appears! I have also found a shiny in each region.. but all crap like caterpi, Zigzagoon ect.
By Jumpyporcupine
#27708 I caught a shiny exeggcute in the safari zone on leaf green. Loved exeggutor ever since :D
By Firespar
#27724 Besides the red Gyarados? A Staryu in Gold. To be honest I had no idea what it was, I actually thought it was a glitched Pokemon at the time, so I caught it just to see what would happen.
By Jumpyporcupine
#27745 Actually my bro had a shiny magikarp in gold. He stupidly evolved it so no one believed him.