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By umiedotre9
#205665 Hi, I've been trying to get good at drawing, but I feel like I'm going no where. I had this idea a little while ago and I was wondering if I were to do it, would I actually get any better. My plan is to draw a full comic or manga page everyday, from actual published things, or at least part of it if I can't finish the whole thing in one day. Now doing this will probably help my ability to draw from reference, but that's not what I want, I know references aren't bad, but I want to draw and design my own characters, so back to the original question would doing this help me draw without references?
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By SKy2008
#205666 The one thing that helps the most to improve at art is practice. So yes, it will help.

At the same time you should always check if what you're drawing makes sense, especially in anatomy (even if stylized) and perspective. Stuff like "do arms bend that way?", "is this really what it looks like if someone pulls their shoulder this way?", "are the eyes really in the right spot, or did I shift them because I misunderstood the perspective?". That helps even if you're drawing from reference; the original may have errors or you misunderstand what is depicted.
A nice trick is to look at a mirrored version of your drawing. Takes your brain out of the "yeah I did this" space and allows you to see it as something foreign, so you can notice errors.