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By Sonofleo
#35486 Yay Im next :3. Im Waiting :3

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By ilovepokemon
#40106 i got a request for you Sundial

Type: Frontier Brain (Tower Tycoon Palmer), artwork ------> Image
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Orange/Red
Hair Color: yellow
Color Theme: look at the artwork, and put this Image on the back of his coat
Accesories: None
Brief description: he has a bad-ass Rhyperior in: Challenging a Towering Figure from the anime
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By Sundial_MC
Sonofleo wrote:Type (Trainer, human, random guy... Etc NO POKEMON):Champion (Lance) ---> Image
Hair colour:Cyan
Eye colour:Black
Colour theme (Main style of clothing, etc):Keep the cape and make it look like a Water type leader theme :3
Any additional things? Accessories?: Maybe a belt that has Pokeballs?

Sono, after ages of waiting, I made the skin!
Also, I really couldn't keep the cape, because minecraft only supports outside textures for the head only, so I can't really get the cape to be... a cape without it looking like his hair and a girl. Sorry for that ;3


By Lightning
#44270 Type: human/trainer
Gender: male
hair color: Blond
eye color: Brown
color theme: Black clothing
Brief description: A kid with a long black coat that go's to the floor and black pants also ears like an Eevee
any additional things? Make him have belt of pokeballs
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By Hypnose
#47334 Hey Sundial~ I hope you're still accepting requests. I finally got the money to get my own Minecraft account, so no more sharing with my brother Yay~ XD
Haha anyway, I'll submit my request just in case.

Type: Trainer
Gender: Unisex if possible
Hair colour: Platinum-White
Eye colour: Purple
Colour theme: Unzipped hoodie(hood off head) with white undershirt, and whitish or grey baggy pants
Just a brief description: I would love my trainer's theme to be based off of a shiny Hypno(purple not pink.. a lot of people think he's pink :/) I'd also love the hoodie to have his white mane and the hood itself to have his ears on it, if that's alright.
Any additional things? Accessories?: The only accessory I care about would be a necklace. The necklace would be Hypno's pendulum with the necklace string/chain strung through the middle of it.

I hope this isn't too much. If so please go ahead and ignore my request. ^^ Thank you for your time.