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By Firespar
#49675 Castform. Has all the right ideas to be an amazing weather check, but its stats are just too irredeemable. It needs an evolution with a better stat line. 80/115/85/85/95/100 or something similar would be nice.

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By JamieS1211
#131091 I think you are well on your way for the complete living room set. We already got a utility room all in one pokemon.
By pelagius_septim
#131093 Oh wow, finally a list for my least favorite pokemon!

Garbodor - Ok, this has got to be the nastiest pokemon ever, its just a broken bag of trash... Infact, I think the whole line is garbage(see what I did there, hahaha) as in its the worst idea ever. Just a trashy(Hahaha! I did it again!) pokemon, not even cool. Its ugly, and over all, just a bad idea.

Mega Mewtwo Y - I am an X version fan man, and Mega Mewtwo Y looks... Like some weird... Ech... I hate how it looks... Its toes look nasty...

Gothita Line - Really, a pokemon dedicated to goths... Its so stupid, I think it looks too much like a human, and its really ugly to top that...

Bibarel - Its a stupid looking pokemon... Not much needs to be said...

Diggersby... - Ugh... I hate diggersby... Its so freaking ugly... Just... Throw away... Throw it away like math homework...

Stunfisk - Ok... This thing looks like a pancake or waffle... Its litterally a flat fish, and it looks just... Ugh...

That icecream thingy... - It looks... Stupid... See I never cared to remember the name...

Thats just a short list of my super long list of hated pokemon... Thanks for making this topic for me to share my list >:)
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By Roark196
#131097 Coming back to this after some time I have a few more to add.

Mothim: I actually thought he looked interesting before seeing his stats.

Eeveelutions (Besides Leafeon): I love their designs, but their movepools are pretty horrible, leaving each one to fall into a very predictable setup.

Dusknoir: With the addition of the Eviolite, Dusclops is much more useful.
By 1Charak2
#131105 srsly whats with the haters. i actually like all the designs. but stat wise is where i get annoyed.

Raticate: screw dat imma use my level 1 ratata

sunkern: screw that

TOtodile: bad moveset...


and charizard mega charizard X for becoming worse at flying and worse at controling his fire
By Lizzy39632
#131108 Zoroark: I thought it was going to fit well into my BW2 team until I saw that it can't take a hit.

Meganium: It's just a frickin copy of venusaur and I don't like it's design that much compared to bayleef.

Charizard and Mega Charizard X: Over the years he has gotten too popular and people forget about the other starters. He didn't need TWO megas, even though Mega Charizard Y suits him better. I really wanted to beat up Gamefreak because of that. Same with Mewtwo.
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By Animalol
#131112 Locking this thread, as it is a necro thread. Please check the dates before posting, guys. =)