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By Lettucecow
#46647 I think the most disappointing pokemon was stunfisk! Why a typing so awesome to a pokemon so derpy and unusable? I love gen 5 to death though.

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By Rzxa
#46696 Snivy:looks cool but the stats sucks :/ why gamefreak..just why..why did you choose the good looking one
That's the only one ...
By lugiaisbeast101
#46728 ho-ho? Anyone? Ok, just me. I'm really mad how it wasn't epic for being the first legendary Pokémon to get a sneak peek of. Plus he looks very ugly to me.
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By killthepast
#46764 Trubbish and garbidor.

THERE GARBAGE (literlly)

Tepig, Pignite, Emboar


Shiny Reshiram.

Looks cool, pink fire. DERP

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By Roark196
#46810 Another one, for me, is Dusclops. He has massive Defense and Special Defense stats, but he can't use that because of his laughable HP. Although, I appreciate the Eviolite making him usable in the PWT in BW2.
By lugiaisbeast101
#46957 Have any of you seen a shiny lugia? really isn't pretty........They should make shadow lugia the actual shiny.
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By Umbreon1110
#46976 Two words. Fairy. Types. Could they just do a type the public WANTED? Like Light type, Sound Type, Digital Type, but FAIRY? HOW is it SUPER EFFECTIVE on DRAGON. I mean, that makes zero sense. Please.
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By Rzxa
#47098 Did you read fairy tales
The dragon always get slain on those kind of story's
And don't judge the type yet :/
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By Kyiv
#47153 meh... Relicanth is my fav but attack stats are pretty horrible......
I have to make an Illegal version of him to even beat a pokemon!