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By Roark196
#22986 This is just a little topic about Pokemon that just disappointed you. It could be based on design, moveset, or even stats. Sometimes I like to rant a bit.

A few of mine:

-Onix: His design is cool, but his stats are awful. Everything goes into Speed and Defense!
-Foongus: As if voltorb didn't already look like a pokeball! This is too glaringly obvious!
-Lampent: A lamp... really? If they keep this up, we'll have an entire living room set! "Behold the mighty Thorncouch, and the all-powerfull Koffeetable!"

By Jumpyporcupine
#22994 I don't like breloom nor his pre-evo. I hate meditite and that weather thing so much! And the eeveelutions are starting to get over rated :/ I like pokemon that are truley awesome but isn't that pokemon EVERYONE likes (charizard, gengar, ect) I like slowbro and exeggutor, they are always so chill and even look kind of high and/or retarded. That's why they're awesome!
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By Roark196
#23009 I just remembered a few design-wise:

-Bouffolaunt: Tauros with an affro
-Beartic: Ursarang in the winter
-Feebas: Magikarp if he was usefull
By Skibb
#23012 There is a difference between icebears and normal bears.... You can't just say ursarang in the winter :P
By Windjoe
#23248 Wurmple: -_-
Dialga: Palkia is better :P
Onix: Steelix looks way more boss.
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By Roark196
#23403 Then there's Regigigas, and his Slow Start. Why couldn't it be just his Speed? I also remember someone mentioning he looks like a walking taco.