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By LadyDemeter
#172006 I used to say that my hard answer to this was, and always would be, Vulpix... But recently, Whimsicott's been creeping up my list from "Pokemon I really like" to "Pokemon I am a die-hard enthusiast about," so I'm willing to let it share a spot with Vulpix.

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By cassis321
#172007 i will show my list of top 5 Pkmns Instead so lets start 8-)
5. Caterpie
4. Alakazam
3. Magikarp
2. Snorlax
1. MEW!!!!!!!!!!!!
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By BunsenGyro
#174130 My favorite Pokemon would definitely be Milotic. If you'd asked me 2 years ago, I wouldn't be sure, but after I decided to add one to my campaign team for the first time in Alpha Sapphire, it quickly soared to becoming the star of the team. Her name is Sypha -- her accomplishments include:
  • Used Mirror Coat on Primal Kyogre's Origin Pulse, taking it down to a sliver of HP -- after which a single Ultra Ball caught it
  • Swept the Champion's team when the rest of my team was in shambles, and I needed a miracle to happen
  • Swept the entire Elite Four and Champion when I re-challenged it, not knowing that they would be significantly more powerful. She accomplished this with a level gap of up to 10 levels under the opponent.
  • Won all 5 types of Master Rank contests
  • Stayed a part of my team even post-game, as she had a Modest nature and max IVs in HP, Special Attack, and Special Defense, which is pretty close to ideal for the most part.
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By Ayyavazi
#174301 My favorite pokemon for the longest time was Scyther, but lately Scizor may have replaced it. The high attack and speed stats with Technician and False Swipe makes catching even legendaries a breeze.
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By Pokenerd8
#174312 i have a hard choice between Feraligatr and Tyrantrum :P but i thought Ditto was​ cute with its​ bland funny look. not to mention very handy if pokemon universe​ exis​ted. plus​ pretty fun to troll people in battle with xP