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By HelenTheHero
#159630 I love Dragonair firstly, and then Aerodactyl... and Sylveon. xD She's grown on me. I learned to like the design. :P And my Sylveon was my first 100! :-D
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By DraynaRue
#159780 Mine is Manectric because it became my lead in my ORAS playthrough and was my first Pokemon to beat a Master Rank Contest. I called it ThunderJolt and she was amazing.
By Shadowumbreon
#161881 Eevee and the Eeveelutions of course <3 Followed closly by Vulpix and Ninetales; Absol and it's fabulous Mega Form; Growlithe and Arcanine; Shinx, Luxio and Luxray <3 Unfortunatly did they screwed up Zoruas and Fennekins evos for me, so I only like the two of them as their base form. You can say I go crazy for foxes <3