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By SuperiorSnayke
#59221 In this guide i will do step by step on how to download and obtain team speak. (need to know if you have 32 bit or 64 bit operating system)

1. the link to team speak:

2. download which os you have and open the installer.

3. follow installer instructions and select nickname. (recommended to use forum name so isi doesnt have to figure out which user you are)

4. Open team speak 3 and look for the pixelmon chat. (to find the chat room search pixelmon and the name should be "Pixelmon mod")

(thanks for following this guide. i am not really good at making them but i sure can try. and enjoy your time on team speak)

p.s.: pm or comment and say what this guide needs and can do a more in depth steps on what to do. i am just doing a brief guide to get you going on team speak fast. and also i cant upload photos right now sorry if you would prefer pics instead.