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By Nova Spartan
#74066 I'm not sure you can help me with this Burgy, but it's possible the mirror option could become a problem with 4-way symmetrical models in regards to texturing. The reason i'm posting it here is because I couldn't think of anywhere else this would go seeing how this is the only blender tutorial and it recommends the mirror option.

Anyway, the issue with the Mirror option is that after I set up the UV map and when I "attempted" to texture Driblim's eyes and mouth using GIMP, and tested it out in Blender, it mirrored on both sides. Both his face and his back. How would I go about making his face only on one side when the mirror option is active? I could be just failing miserably to understand how to texture still but...

ownerpure5 wrote:Need to be more detailed! and also the video link dont works
Use this link.

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By Burgy
#84611 In the mirror option, on the Properties panel. Hit "Apply" to make it a full mesh instead of half a mesh mirrored.
And then try.
If; You still have this problem.