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#150235 Read everything before you make a comment or watch the video please.

Ok clearly the title is misleading because you still have to learn what ever program you plan on wanting to use. (maya, 3dsmax, blender etc...learn maya) This tutorial is to server a few purposes and it ISN'T meant to teach you how to model, this tutorial expects you to know some of the basic ideas of your program, how to somewhat use it (you only really need 10 tools if that) so this wont server as a step by step tutorial.
This tutorial will teach you some of the basic ideas on how to model, the thought process that I go about when making something (and will help you make your own) some of the basic concepts that you need to know when creating something and thats about it.

The first episode is one of the most important because it tells you what exactly you need to do when creating a model, if you skip anything in the video only skip the intro and listen to everything else because it is VITAL if you want to get your model approved. That aside thank you for reading this and here is the 5 part series.
(it wont let me put the embedded video, sorry)

Episodes Individually

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MasterLegendYT wrote:Thanks SPG!!! Part2!!! :-D
where can i get the ref images?

google for model downloads from the games, i can't and wont give out links (and anyone who does post links will have them deleted)
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MasterLegendYT wrote:Are you going to upload the part 2 today??

define today
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#150278 Episode two is up, you can either watch the playlist or look at the embedded video in the spoiler, the rest will come later
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MasterLegendYT wrote:Thanks keep it up!
The hard part is the head part

ya, i state that a lot