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By PlanetKiller
#148831 Guess what you can do if you have pixelmon and custom NPCs installed.


That's right, pokemon NPCs.

In creative, get the npc wand from customNPC tools.
Right-click the ground to make a default NPC.
Click Edit next to Model, a new window will pop up.


Click the right-arrow at the top, you'll see Steve, bat, Steve, then enderman.
Keep clicking, past the MCmobs, ponies, and just past the haunter.
Now you have a list to choose from.
The pixelmon you select will have Abra's model until you hit esc.
Now just hit the [x] on the previous menu and you have your poke-npc.

You could even prepare for trouble with a meowth.
And make it double, with quite a mouth.

Now I just want to make a custom npc act like a trainer.

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By PixelDip
LOGinHDi wrote::O ! This is awesome! :D
THanks for the tips!

Nuuu! The Secret has been revealed xD
By PetitChouFleur
#159928 @Arcaninegamers In the same box as the "Model" setting, there's an "isShiny" setting that you can toggle, if I remember right.

However, I have a question too:
When I tried making a Pokémon NPC on my server (say, an Abra, if I don't change the model) and closed the box, I obtained an abomination that had the texture of an Abra, but somehow flickered and switched between several models of Pokémon when I moved around, all with the skin of whichever 'mon I chose. I swear I saw it turn into an Abra-textured Magikarp at some point.

Am I missing something? Is there a specific way to do things, and I missed a step? I apologise if this is in the wrong section, but I figured I would ask people who know how to do this! (For your information, in case you've had problems with any of these: I have Custom NPCs (1.8 beta version), Forge Essentials, Mr Crayfish's Furniture Mod and Pixelmon)
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By ShinyKeldeo
#161112 I Remember it was really easy to make Custom NPCs with Pixelmon Models when I last used it, though it may have changed a bit since I used it last. I'll check when I get home and post how to do it if i'm right.