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By Quakthorn2
#136827 Nah, still get it with Pixelmon Spawners underground, all spawns in Air/Air Presist so the Pokemon still appears how I would like it, no need for another mod plus don't have to biome change for certain pokes to be in certain areas.

By bradyvictor218
elkarasu wrote:nice tuto but can you show us some screen for see how did you do you're parc ? :)

Yeah really good informative post and I agree with elkarasu to share with some screen shots or image. That can be more helpful for reader to understand your concepts
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By AcedDunsparce
#164957 There's not much to say about this besides "wow". I'm going to try this soon for my Pixelmon server. I'm surprised honestly that it actually works well, unlike most designs I see floating around.