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By Kiige
#121820 Hello,
my Name is Pixélmon Professor Kiige and today
i teach you the art of Custom NPC

How to make a realistic Safari Zone:
- Common Sense
- Knowledge on how to make Dialoge and Quests with Custom NPC
- How to make a modded Server with Bukkit (MCPC+ as example)
- enabled command blocks in your server configs (if not Custom NPC cant use commands)
- Custom NPC
Bukkit Plugin:
- Command Delay (link)
- something that let you set warps (dunno if it is in bukkit im using Essential)

Step 1: Setting up
Build your Safari Zone and make it so no one can enter it
without being warped.

Step 2: Warps
Set 2 Warps, SafariBegin and SafariEnd,
SafariBegin should be in the Safari Zone
and SafariEnd should be in the Entrance (where the player cant get in the Safari Zone)

Step 3: Ticket
Create a Safari Ticket, using a common item with unique name per command
(so no one can copy it with an Anvil)
for myself im using the Letter Item from Custom NPC ID 4321
the command would be
/give <yourenamehere> 4321 2 0 {display:{Name:"Safari Ticket}}

Step 4: NPC and Quest
Now create a NPC with the NPC Wand and named it how you want him.
And create in the Global Tab 2 Quests,
The first one "Get a Ticket" and the second one "Safari Zone"
and now we need some dialogs.

Step 5: Dialogs
Create a Dialog where the Safari Guy tells you to get a Ticket,
Im using the Custom NPC Trader as Shop, because you can buy and sell
Items with unique names, but how you give the player the Item with unique name is at your choice.
In the Dialog where the NPC told you to get a Ticket, click on the Quests Option
and set "Get a Ticket" Quest to start when he talks about it.
Dont forget to create a second Dialog for later (we need this in Step 6)

Step 6: Advanced Questing
Edit now your Quest "Get a Ticket"
Type: Item Quest (the required Item is the Ticket)
Repeatable: Yes/Daily/Weekly (so youre player can enter more than once)
Instant Complete

but now here comes the Advanced Quest part, muahahaha
click on the Advanced button -> Next Quest
now select "Safari Zone" Quest and "Get a Ticket is done.

Step 7: Second Quest
Edit now your Quest "Safari Zone"
Here you dont need to touch much,
Type: Dialog Quest (select the Second Dialog from Step 4)
Repeatable: Yes (i know its luring but other than "Yes" could end in a logic paradox)
Completion by NPC <the Safari Zone Guy name>

Step 8: Dialog 2: Electric Bogaloo
Here comes the tricky part,
Edit now your Second Dialog that is linked with "Safari Zone"
This Dialog needs a Availability,
click on Availability option the third and forth tabs are for Quests,
select the Quest "Safari Zone" and set it to "When Active"
now this Dialog will only trigger when we managed to get a Ticked.

Click on the Button for Console Command and add
/cd (amount of seconds) s warp SafariEnd @dp
Now the player will be warped back to the Entrance when the times up
but be aware it can be exploited,
the command delay will only be stopped when the server goes off
so when a player ports himself to the Safari Zone before the daily restart
he will be trapped inside...
good thing is, HE IS trapped, so he must now wait for your anger to smite him to death...
muahahahaha... sorry

after you insert the command the player need to be portet inside the Safari Zone
for this click on Dialog Options and create a Dialog Tree
with the Properity Command (standard is disabled)
in this you will enter the command
/warp SafariBegin @dp

Step 9: Setting up the NPC
In the NPC tabs click on Advanced and then on Dialogs
you will now see many numbered Dialog tabs.
the lower the Number, the higher the priority
So Number 0 should be our second Dialog which is only Available
when the Quest "Safari Zone" is active.
So Number 1 will be the first Dialog that will trigger the Quest "Get a Ticket"

Step 10:

Step 11:
Profit and donate it to the Pixelmon Staff (or your beloved Pixélmon Prof.)

After all this done,
when we now talk to our Safari Zone guy,
he should say we need a Ticket,
as i said before, you need to provide a way to get the Ticket.
After we acquired the Ticket, he now will let us in
and the Warp Delay will start,
after we click on the Dialog Tree to let us in,
we will get warped to the Safari Zone and after our Time is up we get warped back to the Entrance.

Why i am doing this radical and complicated Guide?
because i love this mod
and this is the only way i can provide a little help.

I will not make a Video Tutorial out of this,
i could provide pictures for easy understanding,
but at this point i might want to remind of the Prerequisite
before requesting something.

Thank you and goodbye
your beloved Professor Kiige

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By benNmacie
Kiige wrote:we generated a new map this morning (TerrainControl with Image)
i could provide some nice picture the next few days, after i made a new one

props to you i was going to make just a regular safari zone just walk through building kinda thing for my remake but ima use this im impressed thanks again!!
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By Quakthorn2
#136819 When PixelUltities can be server side only, we'll talk.

I personally don't like making my players install too many mods in order to play on a server. It just seems like too much work for them. Learn that the hard way with the original Pixelenium (my old adventure server)
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Quakthorn2 » 05 Sep 2014 21:51 wrote:I know this. The only part I would want is the config for tall grass / Pokemon spawning. The rest of the mod is kinda pointless to me.

Then you just don't get the full experience of a realistic safari.