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Lizzy39632 » August 21st, 2014, 8:15 pm wrote:Maya or Blender

There are some tutorials in the Modelling section :)

correction, anything that can export an obj file
you can use maya (what I recommend)
cinema 4d
3ds max
the list goes on
By TooManyZeros
#142724 How would I install Maya. I Want to try modelling something. If I am going to be able to try i need to know how >.< :cry: . So I want to help and nice tutorial gilbert.
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By Xdragon
#159328 when you add the models, can you remove doubles face on pokemon?
It look bad when it is double faces.
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By Pippa
#163986 Oh My Gosh! I've been wondering if I could do Pokemon models, and I'd absolutely LOVE to! But what program are you using? I have the Adobe Creative Cloud as an account so no doubt it's one of those, by the looks; but it's not Photoshop. So what one is it? If I'm not needed to do any more skins, I'd LOVE to do some of these! What fun!
I have a lovely graphics tablet, too, which makes it all the more fun to use. I'll wait to hear an answer on the program, thanks for this great tutorial. :-D
And to add, I BAGS DOING HONEDGE! I'm all excited, better calm down... XD
PS I see you have answered that question. I'll use whatever my creative suite has for 3D modelling, if it doesn't have that. Thanks again!