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By claudekennilol
#85946 So not having played much Minecraft at all, I found out about this mod and loaded it up because it looked really interesting.

First thing I noticed was that I had no way to heal my pokemon. I was hoping to be able to just start playing. But that wasn't a big deterrent. I dug out a mine and after a couple of hours eventually found some diamond to build a healer.

Beds weren't an option because I started in the middle of a jungle with no way of getting wool. I had no easy way of healing (well, I'm assuming mareep is low level and should be simple enough to kill vs finding dimaonds). In addition, there are no apricorn trees in the jungle. Since that's where my spawn was and I have no way of making a bed to change my spawn, I had to wait even longer until I was able to consistently find my way back to where I'd set up my base of operations (as small and eager as it was).

So last night I got to play long enough to just make it into another biome and find a few apricorns. I was under the impression that two apricorns could be gotten from a tree--right click for the first one and chop it down for a second. I couldn't figure out how to get a second, so if someone can help me with that it'd be much appreciated.

So with my limited experience I've just a couple suggestions. Either make apricorns available in all biomes, or force the world's initial spawn to only be in biomes that can have apricorns since it's pretty integral to the mod. Since wool doesn't seem readily available to make beds, make another readily available way for the player to change their own spawn point. And have it easier to heal your pokemon from the start so that the mod can be played right from the start.

This is a minor thing, but if peaceful mode is enabled, I suggest making it so that wild pokemon can't initiate battles.

edit: Also, the "battle camera" spinning around is kind of offsetting. Don't know how to say it better than that, it just doesn't feel natural or like it belongs.

I should also say that I'm really impressed with what I've seen, I just wish I could've gotten more directly into it than having to do all this set up first. Now that I've got a healer set up I should be able to do more with the mod, and less with "vanilla minecraft" stuff (i.e. mining and building).

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By Dietrech
#85992 I thought the newest Pixelmon update was fantastic. I've started since before they even made the models so awesome looking right now. I got right back into this mod after they released new pokemon in it. This mod would become the best mod ever if it had more generations and breeding. (Which I'm patiently waiting for)

Side Note: Pokemon Centers spawn randomly in the world. I'm surprised you haven't found one and had to make a pokemon healer. They are most commonly found in the grass plains and forests for me.
By claudekennilol
#86007 I don't have much experience with minecraft so I was trying to stay near my spawn in case I died. And I couldn't find any way to set a new spawn so I didn't explore much out of the jungle until I was able to reliably heal my pokemon (which I needed a bed/healer for since I didn't find any (or even know) that pokecenters randomly spawn).

So I spent about 3 hours in the jungle/mining/caves right near some water near where I spawned and then about 20 minutes finding/making a path out of the jungle with only about 10 minutes not in a jungle. I'm guessing I made it to a "grass plains" and finally started finding apricorns so tonight I'm going to trek back to my base and see what I can turn 'em into.
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By Dietrech
#86010 Best way to set your spawn is making a bed and sleeping on it at night. But since you're playing with Pixelmon then its best if you find some Mareep and kill them for wool.
And you can plant the apricorn once you've plucked it off the original one.
By claudekennilol
#86018 Right, that was kinda the point of my first post. I spawned in a jungle with no mareep and no apricorns so couldn't do either of those things easily.

Specifically talking about apricorns, the wiki implies that you can get two apricorns per tree. I can get one by picking it off the tree, but destroying the tree doesn't give me another one. Do I need to destroy it in a specific way to get a second apricorn?
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By Dietrech
#86019 I don't think the wiki is up to date. It used to be that way but now after you pluck the apricorn off and try to break the apricorn tree, it'll only turn to wood. So you pretty much have to plant the apricorn now and wait until a new one grows.
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By Some Body
Dietrech wrote:I don't think the wiki is up to date. It used to be that way but now after you pluck the apricorn off and try to break the apricorn tree, it'll only turn to wood. So you pretty much have to plant the apricorn now and wait until a new one grows.

The page was partially updated, but the parenthetical statement was still outdated. It has now been fixed.
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By Rados
#86204 What you should have done is to move away from spawn and try to find a pokecenter as soon as you spawned, then get a couple of apricorns from a nearby forest to make a farm.
By claudekennilol
#86330 I was trying to avoid dying and then not being able to find my way back from the spawn to where I happened to make my farm.

With that being said. Another first impression that I have is that it's super time consuming to make pokeballs. Not only do I have to grow them. But then I have to cook them. Then I have to create half the ball. Then I have to hammer the top pieces. One. At. A. Time. Then I have to make the bottom pieces. Then I have to hammer the bottom pieces. One. At. A. Time. Then I make buttons. Then, and only after I have done all of that, can I make some pokeballs.

I don't mind having to create them. But I don't understand what the difference between cooked apricorns and non-cooked apricorns. Why force us to cook them? And is it intended to be a time sink to have to create pokeballs? If so then mission accomplished. Don't get me wrong, it's an interesting mechanic, but it's annoyingly time consuming. I don't feel like hammering out half-pokeballs adds to the process. Again, it's an interesting mechanic, but after the interesting bit wears off you're just left with a huge time sink. I mean, in vanilla, we don't have to hammer out axe heads, swords, etc..

I'm not trying to be overly negative, I'm just legitimately annoyed at the amount of time it took to make pokeballs.
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By purenrgiii
#86345 keep in mind this is a work in progress mod. i suggest you find a good server to hop on or check to find a pre-made pixlemon map to play on. i play on a server where people have jobs. making poke balls is a job. and farming apricorns and making hp spray. if you don't like it then just cheat some in, or hop on a map where you can just buy them.