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By The_Hunter500
#77117 I was wondering if you could make it work with 1.6.4 in the new update or at least make it compatiable with it :D

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By Trigore
#77121 Why would we make it compatible with a beta build? Simply downgrade its not that hard.
By Tululaboo
#77587 Step By Step ::
1, Make a new Minecraft Profile
2, Select Minecraft 1.6.2
3, Run Minecraft 1.6.2
==Download Forge for 1.6.2 *installer*==
Forge should make a profile on its own but if not go to step 4, otherwise go to step 5
4, Make a new Minecraft Profile
5, Select Forge 1.6.2
6, Run Forge 1.6.2
==Install Pixelmon and enjoy :)==
By ShunkiPvP
#77842 I can't wait til 1.7, there will be johto starters :D