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By Anima
#75251 I'm trying to find myself a scyther, and I haven't been having much luck finding any jungle pokemon. Would clearing the jungle's bushes and trees out make pokemon spawns more likely?

By Chison
#75682 As far as I know Burgy is right and that's what I read in different topics too, so the best option to get a lot of jungle pokemon to spawn is a mix of everything :

1. clear out a large area, preferably the whole jungle
2. collect leaves while doing so
3. make it one flat space
4. put 1 layer of leaves on it
5. wait

You can use the wood you collect while clearing the jungle to make the platform and therefore the leaves won't disappear because they are next to wood.

Maybe this also helps you :
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#75689 They spawn on grass, not leaves, and player placed leaves dont decay so you don need wood
By Tululaboo
#76146 Whilst clearing the are i noticed that the area that has two leaf layers a pinsir had spawned in, the image below shows this so i think it is safe to say that leaves do play a part in poke spawning as i have not seen pinsir spawn on grass only.

This is what my testing grounds look like, a 5x5 chunk with 8 chunks covered in 2 layers of jungle leaves. I have noticed more spawns taking place now i have increased the size further. I will be testing with jungle tree's as well to see if there is any influence.