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By Chison
#73332 Hello everyone,

I got unlucky with the search function and wasn't able to find satisfying answer to many of my questions so I am going to put all of them into one topic and hope I can get as many answers as possible. The situation : I am playing on a quite active server (although small) with friends and we did mostly redstone and building and avoided mods so far. So now we are starting to get into minecraft again thanks to mods, especially pixelmon.

1. Mods : Which mods work good together with Pixelmon ? Right now on our server we are running Pixelmon obviously and FamGuide, the little companions have proven quite useful for traveling long distances and are fun to use. We also have the TF2 Teleporter mod but we are limiting the use to teleporting between far away bases (which was previously done through the nether). So which other mods are useful in combination with Pixelmon without distracting from the general gameplay.

2. Maps : Since our map on the server is quite old and we explored a lot (our rule was everybody had to build their own base at least 1.000 blocks away from the starting zone) and that's why we have very few pokemon center and things like Thunderstone/LeafStone/etc. because they only get generated in new chunks. Is there a way to migrate to a new map without losing our pixelmon data -> everyone keeps their pixelmon. This would be a very nice way to explore other adventure maps while enjoying pixelmon or at least a way to force the generation of pixelmon blocks in explored chunks ?

3. Pixelmon : I was reading in the wiki (
) that certain pokemon only spawn in certain biomes , which obviously makes sense, but is there a few to force a pokemon to spawn ? My example being Dratini which I really wanted to add to my collection so I went to a river biome I knew was more like a lake, and I kept running in circles eliminating pokemon close to it but I didn't get a single pokemon to spawn inside the river biome, I eventually gave up after getting over 20 levels on my aerodactyl and finally seeing a golduck :/ Is it that random or did I do something wrong ?

These are pretty much the main question I have at the moment, I hope I can get some help :)