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By Happy
#5148 Hey guys and gals,

I have played a few hours of pixelmon so far and I'm lovin' it just a couple of things and push my curiosity doors. I am too slack to take a look at the FAQ's so I figured I would just ask my questions and introduce myself at the same time. So here:

I am currently 1.9.6 and when V2.0 is out if I update the mod do I loose my progress on my current server?

What is the PC like? Can more than one person store Pokemon in it and can others access my pokemon?

Is there a list of server commands or something similar I can look at to change settings like toggling (regular) minecraft mobs?

Can I use my minecraft char to attack Pokemon and then they attack me? Are there random Pokemon that attack you? I sorta miss the danger at night time from regular minecraft.

Thanks in advance, again great mod and I love the direction it is heading.

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By Pokenerd8
#5150 for the mobs. well there is the aggressive pokemon like arbok and ekans and more. i get mauled by lvl 40 arboks alot lol. as for the hello part. HI DERE RANDOM PERSON :D *Nerdy Wave*
By sircazm
#5153 Hey there Happy, nice to meet ya. The PC in example kinda works like an ender chest for Pokemon. You can store them there and access them from any other pc. No one else can access your Pokemon from the PC, only their own. I don't think Pokemon can do damage to you but will initiate a battle with your Pokemon at times when encountered.
By TLesniak
#8090 You can't damage pokemon.
And the only command i know is /spawn (pokemon name) (s)
Only put in the "s" if you want the spawned pokemon to be shiny.