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By KuryoZT
Vespirs wrote:It was changed for beta testers to find the bugs, and the bugs were worked out...... now it's public

That would explain why I haven't seen anything different from the day before he posted.
I'm a beta tester, somehow, even though I don't remember applying again. Well, I can't complain now could I? haha.

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By redrafter
#66647 Looks good to me, it's a little large, but I'll adjust.
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By jsnbrown1989
#66676 gah.. design was certainly not thought through. There are a good bit of appeal to certain areas but the black top and bottom bars are VERY hard to get used to.. I have a 13.3 in screen.. This makes browsing the forum so freakin difficult. And please understand, I'm not trying to complain for the heck of it and without lack of knowledge. I have designed phpbb3 forums just like this one for a while. I also owned one and made a good bit of money from it. I know what it takes to make a great design and layout of the forums.. The changes that have been made recently, I have grinned and bared it but the new design.. ugh.. shoot me.

Can we please have a majority vote on designs? Also for the beta testers, how did you pick them? Different operating systems? Different browser preference? Different screen sizes?

And lastly, PLEASE design the homepage first and then design the forum to match. Work out a new logo, do this sucker right. I wish I had gotten the opportunity for webmaster of the site but since you got it, please don't waste it! The homepage is what you need to place as your first priority. Then comes forums, then the wiki.

Design the forum where it goes like this:

Important administrative Information first
Welcome Center (I have always felt this to be important in any community setting)

Important mod information

Building a Community
General pixelmon discussions
Off topic

Finish up with a place to gather help
Help with Mod
Help with Servers
Help with our website (Includes Homepage, forum and wiki)

Eyes travel down so the most important stuff needs to go up top. There needs to be some organization as to where stuff goes better than what is listed in our current setup. There needs to be a help and support section somewhere more obvious so that general discussion isn't used for such as frequently. Rules needs to be displayed obviously and frequently. phpbb3 has a way to make a link to rules for each section.

Anyway.. sorry for the ranting.

If you want some expert advice on how to lay out the forum, and have some experts review what you have set up, post a topic on Very helpful people when it comes to learning about practical and great forum administration.