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By mapleking2000
#57984 Hi,
I'm recently new to this mod. I would like to know how to reduce the spawn of pokemons in the game, as at the moment i can see a lot of them. I have seen youtubers play with less pokemon and would like to know how.

Thanks :)

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By Kyiv
#57987 Well to be honest you can actually change it! Go to your configs folder in your minecraft folder. You will see a Pixelmon.cfg, Open it with your notepad or Textedit(mac) and scroll down until you see the "General" Section.
Next, Find the lines:
I:"Max number of Air Pokemon (at one time)"=20
I:"Max number of Land Pokemon (at one time)"=40
I:"Max number of Underground Pokemon (at one time)"=60
I:"Max number of Water Pokemon (at one time)"=20

And just adjust it to your liking! I think they spawn per chunk.

Kyiv :)