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have you seen mew before?

By goron_chuffy
#56171 (I'm not sure if I'm on the write thread so please correct me if I'm wrong)
Has anyone encountered mew in the wild? Has anyone even caught it?
Is there a way to increase my chances of catching it and what biome dose it spawn in?

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By GhostWolf2398
#56193 Mew spawns only in the jungle. It spawns once for every 8,192 pokemon spawns.

There is no completely legitimate way to increase the chance of encountering it. Except possibly burning down a large section of jungle, that way your sight lines are clear and it will be easier to spot when it does spawn.

As for as non-exactly legitimate ways, you can go into your pixelmon config file (in /configs), and increase the max number of pokemon spawned for the ground class (also reducing the other classes down would help with the lag). This will cause more spawns overall, which helps you get to that small chance faster.

And if you want to go to the extreme cheat way of getting it to spawn, you can use the /pokespawn command (need to be opped to use it) and type /pokespawn mew
By Blaze150
#56721 ive seen a few on servers (not mine of course) and my friend and I were burning down a jungle together and I tped back to our house the next second my friend turns around and sees mew.
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By Overreactedosbol
#56795 mew is simple, just go live in the jungle for a long time, burn it down, and search every minecraft day :P I caught one.
By Lettucecow
#57628 I caught one and I found another one but when I was in the distance sprinting to it, it despawned :/
By nyv
#57894 Has anyone found one in a burned jungle in 2.2.1?

I'm pretty sure since they patched spawns so they only spawn on particular blocks, not on any block in a biome like previous versions, jungle Pokemon only spawn on the leaves in the Jungle biome.

Anyone care to confirm?

I've cleared out about 100 blocks in one of my biomes and have only seen one jungle Pokemon spawn there since, and since it was a Venomoth I think it just flew over from its spawn on the leaves close by. And it's not like I cleared it, checked it once and am making these statements - I've been back well over 30 times ;)
By Vespirs
#59570 I've seen like one mew, and I didn't get a chance to battle it, as it despawned. I was on one server though, and a regular player had a shiny mew. :(