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By Lettucecow
#56164 I had 228 posts but now I have 132! What happened???

By brazilianbeast1
#56189 from what ive seen they have reworked forums and many sections/subsections have been deleted for example the whole entire subsection and post for heartsilver server has been deleted and all my posts so any posts you had in those are gone/not counted
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By Jack_Attack12
#56190 Yes, we have got rid of some sections on the forums. You may have had posts on that, but they have been deleted. Posts hardly matter anyway!

~Answered, Locked~
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By DutchKroket
#56191 Some things we're probably forgotten before deleting. So alot of things are gone (suggestion/roleplay).

(Braz, I messaged the owners of the sub-forums -including Lessy- about this)

Almost everyone has lost alot of their posts (mine came from HeartSilver and the suggestions) went from 350 to 175.