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By savior67
#74801 Personally pokemon duplicating has been an issue on my server, if I see a player who has been on for two days with a shiny mewtwo, I question it. I don't like the idea of pokemon being auto spawned in for players without there being some record of it. There's also the possibility of adding capes in-game for people who donate to the mod, I know that'd be a huge incentive for myself and others and wouldn't disrupt any current donation systems servers have in place. Server to server donation prices vary drastically, taking away the freedom to choose their own prices for pokemon could cause severe complications for servers like lizard pixelmon ( where a mewtwo costs $500. No offense intended, those are just some thoughts I had on the system.
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By Noble
#84550 I didn't quite read all the other pages of responses but I've personally coded and set up a donation system for a Starmade server (like Minecraft with spaceships). You can check it out here:

It's HTML based and uses Paypal to manage payments. It sends all the information as an email and isn't fully automatic so an admin would need to give the rewards as needed. Assuming you can easily get a verified account it's fairly straight forward to setup and I can help out if you need.
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By Lemonita
#90822 MrMasochism can you explain to me what you actually wish to achieve?

I am not getting all the facts straight:

Do you want to setup a Donation reward as in, a pokemon that automaticly spawns in your localhost game world and in every server?
This would require a big server setup to handle and throttle the requests checks, this does not look like a realistic plan to me.

Or are you just looking for a way to improve the generated income for pixelmonmod? as in New site, Donation rewards on profile?

As said above, spawning in pokemons in servers is not realistic, that could be blocke easily are my thoughts.

What is realistic? perhaps a Pixelmon Cape Mod build into the Pixelmon Mod.
A cape mod is relatively simple, but releasing a cape mod alone is not going to work, releasing it build into pixelmonmod will ensure that every pixelmon player has the capes loaded and the stored capes can be easily downloaded from a cape file server just as skins are loaded in from minecraft skin servers.

How is the website development going? Did you find anyone? The website deserves a custom theme.