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By Jakky89
Trigore wrote:Once you get this reward system ill donate 15-20$ for sure. hope your still doing this by the way.

I still need to keep it simple because I am only one developer and I can't find anybody who could help me with this. Besides I already wrote down parts of my plan and developed basic and optimized database layout for this there are still some things that need to think over. Also a problem is that I tend to spend to much time on trivia and unimportant details but I will still progress.

When I am nearly done with other projects and find time to continue working on it, I think it will be finished in near future (a few weeks).

By TellYourGirlThx
#66479 Hello:

Currently, I know very basic java, with aspirations to learn more, and I have been learning day by day. I would love to help out with this as the first thing I'll do with Javascript.

Now, on the topic at hand, theoretically, all you would need would be a mySql database integrated with the mod with certain player datas inside. So for example say I donate for a Pikachu on any server I'd like. I'd select my starter, and by default, since that'd be the first world I'd load prior to donation, should my playerdata not be stored to have that Pikachu in my Hotbar of Pixelmon? Now, this is just from what I know of Java / mySql which is next to nothing, but I thought it could be a possibility. Then again, I"m very late to the game and I'm sure that you all have a later and greater plan by now. Just thought I'd put myself out there.

By Jakky89
MrMasochism wrote:Jakky, whoever works on this will be working on it with me. They also won't be taking a cut of proceeds

I won't work with others on this project because then there would be a lot conflicts. You know that there will be an JSON API that you can use then in the mod (pixelmon)? As far as I know Java has some functions by default for working with JSON data (decode, encode, modify etc.). Nevertheless you could for sure ask e.g. when you want to know how the API calls have to be structured or when you need some additional functionality.
By pelagius_septim
#69581 Note: I am not criticizing i am sharing Ideas.

I think that donors should be able to pick the 4 starters, but they be shiny.

They could be capable of catching pokemon that non-donors cannot catch, Example: Keldeo Or Genesect.

You could do some sort of mystery gift system of some sort that allows donors to get gifts.

By Bmxskater_821
#74415 I am studying JavaScript and PHP but I know not qualified. I also want to bring this mod to its full potential. I really want to help you guys out on the reward system so all I can do right now is suggest stuff, is this where I can suggest ideas for the reward system/website?