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#54548 Hi everyone,
First of all: sorry mod if this isn't the right place where to post this topic. :)
Can someone please answer me this things?
1) What program should I use for modelling? (I already have Autodesk Maya 2010-2011)
2) What file type does Minecraft want? Obj.? If yes how can I export the model in that file type?
3) When I've finished the model how can I send it to you? And in what file type?
4) Can someone please suggest me a good video tutorial for beginners in modelling?
5) Is Maya better than Techne? Where can I download it if it's better than Maya?
Thanks and bye. :)

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#54553 1. That works fine
2. Obj, it should just be file-export all-obj
3. You uploaded it to dropbox, but first you would need to post images of it in beginner modelling feedback and then edit the model to what other people suggest
4. I took a class, so I cant help you there, a quick search on YouTube for beginners guide should work fine
5. Everything is better then techne, just stick with maya
By Vespirs
#59579 I'm begining to get into modeling, and I find techne is easy to use, and get the hang of. The only problem I've found is that I can't seem to texture anything I make.. :L xD