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#54176 Hi everyone,
This is the first topic I write. So I'm going to make tons of errors because I'm not English but Italian :P.
I saw this Pixelmon mod on Youtube and I love it but I haven't downloaded it yet because I'm waiting for other Pokémons.
Whatever, I just want to ask what program do you suggest me for modelling (I already have Autodesk Maya 2011 - 2010) and I'm new to the modelling world so if you can suggest me a video or a tutorial I will really appreciate it :).
Thanks and bye!

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#54186 you can use maya, its actually what I recommend as head modeler, but before you actually make anything with maya, you would need to look at all of the models in game to get an idea of what i mean by "techne quality" in other words, we want you to make it with a low polygon count so it fits in the world of minecraft, gengar should be your baseline, it shouldnt be rounder then that when you make a model, so, if you have anymore questions, just ask
oh, and he is Italian, and uses maya, that makes him awesome
#54191 Thanks for the reply, in this period I have a lot of free time so if I find a tutorial for beginners I'm going to make models ;).
By gamingnut2
#54650 i would also recommend blender they are both really good models and you can make rounder models extremely well in them even though its in techne quality.