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By SkyTechSix
#52521 Hello! I also host a server using Minecrafted (3gb though.. nice size you got there....)

On to the problem you're having, I use Pixelmon as well with a TON of plugins and with just my 3gb server everyone seems to be lag free for the most part except when we World Edit a large amount of blocks.

May I ask which .jar you're using with Minecrafted? We had some problems figuring out which one worked correctly with Forge since they don't specify. (Craftbukkit ended up being the working one)

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By AnDwHaT5
#52583 I use lime hosting. Been with them for months and it is always up. Never ever down with in 6 months downtime was so in frequent that it happened 1 time. I get like no lag from them ether. If you want a link let me know.
By SkyTechSix
#52772 For some reason I have both forge and essentials working, but the /give command won't. But is that really a bad problem? I think if you make a command block you can still use give from there.