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By I_master_mind_I
#52438 so the day were we model nd code in late generation pokemon will eventually come even though some of us including myself will resent that day but I have an idea on what the spawn condition for certain *special* pokemon will be.

like Litwick can spawn by either using a lvl 30 enchant on one torch or by punching and breaking torches to the point were a haunted torch wants to reek its unholy revenge as a ghost candle and spawns a litwick

or like the pokemon vanillite spawns by throwing ice and snow at a hopper and putting a flowerpot underneath the hopper to function as a snow-cone for a ice cream swirl machine

although ditto spawns in plains why not have it so if you follow a mew for long enough a ditto will be popped out of the mew for reasons responsible by the mew's bowels

this post if you have not yet realized is satire so not really a serious suggestion otherwise it would be in the right forum but how about your crazy not to serious spawn conditions with that creepypasta insparation?