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By NeverPortal
#49918 I've been really enjoying this mod, but I have 1 problem with it.. the model sizes. Either the Pokemon are too big or too small. For example I used Rare Candies on a Charizard to get it to level 100 and it was eight blocks tall at level 100, and since a block in Minecraft is 1 meter (3 ft) it makes the Charizard 24 ft tall, in my opinion TOO BIG. Another example, the Blastoise model at level 100 is only about 2.5 blocks tall (about 7.5 ft tall), which is much more accurate, but weird because of the other strangely sized Pokemon, than the Charizard. I was just wondering why this happens, because I don't like that the model sizes aren't very accurate. I do have problems with the other models' sizes, but I only explained two. This isn't a hate message towards the modelers or developers I'm just curious as to why there are multiple sizes of the Pokemon models and if anyone else has noticed or has a problem with it.

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By KuryoZT
#49919 Did you ever read about pixelmon Growths?
Look your pixelmon's stats, it should tell you something like huge, giant, enormous, small, runt, pygmy, ordinary... That's its growth, and that's the reason some aren't the same size as the game's pokedex says.
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By MrMasochism
#49987 I basically felt that it was an obvious area to add extra depth to the collectible nature of pokemon. After all it's unlikely that every single pokemon would grow to be the same size, that doesn't happen with any animals after all. To that end I added growths which are randomly assigned growths to pokemon that adjust the size they are.

All pokemon also grow a small amount each time they level up