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Would you play this if it were offered on a server?

By TheCat
#48968 So me and a few people on a server got bored and came up with an idea of a hunger games-ish thing involving pixelmon. Same idea as the hunger games where a number of people compete to be the only survivor in an arena with hidden treasures. Except rather than pvp, pokemon battles would take place.

Instead of finding armor, food, and weapons in chests you instead find potions, rare candy, pokeballs, and held items/berries. At the start of the game a "grace period" of around a minute or two could let people get started and run, and after that whenever you lock eyes with another player, a battle is to take place. The last player with any pokemon left that have not fainted wins.

This adds a lot of challenge between avoiding aggressive wild pokemon, trying to find or avoid other players, and hoping to get a pokeball so you could catch that awesome pokemon you saw. Not to mention bosses you could find who might either doom you to lose or give you a destructive tm. I feel this would be a fun little game that would work if you didn't feel like holding a tournament, yet wanted to go against some friends in pixelmon.

What do you guys think of the idea? Is it good or should it remain just a thought?

By Blaze150
#49062 That's actually a pretty cool idea even so how would you do it multiple times like would you just give each player a random lvl 50 pokemon at the start of each round or would it be progressive like you start with your starter and just keep going though that would be kinda unfair
Anyway that is a pretty amazing idea and I as well as a lot of other people would definitely play this =3
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By Burgy
#49221 I did that on my server as an event a while ago, except we didnt call it hunger games,
The two factions that are on my server battled it out for the ownership of a town.
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By Burgy
#49452 We took all PC's and healers out.
We had 3 supervisors
And we took all items and put them in seperate chests for each player

This way, if they fainted. They had no way of battling again, we would ask them to show a Pokemond to verify their party hasnt fainted.
By Polifroeg
#51083 Thats an awesome idea but youd need a plugin that gave the player a random pokemon at like lvl 5 ort something at the start
By Polifroeg
LaprasLover153 wrote:Great Idea, but how would you know who has alive and Fainted pokemon, some people Lie. That'd be nice if you could make it work.

I always wanted there to be a seperate game mode for pixelmon where like in the games you respawn if your pokemon faint then it could work